Before We Were Birds

From the dolphins of the Amazon River to the birds in our backyards, Susan Edwards Richmond takes the reader on an imaginative journey through the natural world that makes it live and breathe new life into our heart and spirit.

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As Poet-in-Residence at the Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, Massachusetts, Susan Edwards Richmond envisioned the community through the eyes of its Shaker inhabitants, excerpting from journals and testing the voices and sentiments of individual members. Her poetry collection, Increase, is the culmination of this artistic vision.

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Purgatory Chasm

A Small Press Review Pick of the Month, Purgatory Chasm is a collection of 30 poems inspired by the Massachusetts State Reservation of the same name. The book blends geology, natural history, and the human history of the chasm. 

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Birding in Winter

Susan Edwards Richmond captures the essence of birds in winter landscapes which range from New England ice and snow to warm Florida beaches. The poet's encounters with these winged emissaries reveal as well as transform.

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This sequence of poems is inspired by the stories of the pink dolphin of the Amazon, which the river people call boto. The poet weaves myth and contemporary imagery together in the voices of the girl and boto.

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